BlueArc 200MSTI 200A DC, Dual voltage 115/230V, Multi-process inverter welding machine

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This welding machine is composed of the inverter MIG welder power supply with invariable voltage output
external characteristics manufactured with advanced IGBT inverter technology.
With high‐power component IGBT, the inverter converts the DC voltage, which is rectified from input
50Hz/60Hz AC voltage, to high‐frequency 20KHz AC voltage; as a consequence, the voltage is transformed
and rectified. The features of this machine are as follows:
● IGBT inverter technology, current control, high quality, stable performance;
● Closed feedback circuit, invariable voltage output, great ability of balance voltage up to ±15%;
● Electron reactor control, stable welding, little splash, deep molten pool, excellent welding bead shaping;
● Welding voltage can be preset, and the voltmeter displays the preset voltage value when not welding.
● Both welding current and welding voltage can be observed at the same time.
● Burn back time is adjustable.
● Slow wire feeding during arc starting, remove the melting ball after welding,reliable arc starting;
● Wire feeding part is separated from the welding machine, wide welding operation range.
● Small‐sized, light‐weighed, easy to operate, and economical.

Weight 38 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 14 × 18 in