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Nozzle Nectar is a new concept in weld nozzle protection. Your nozzles can be dipped while new, keeping the spatter from sticking from the start. It makes no difference if the nozzle is hot or cold. Unlike petroleum or vegetable oil-based products, Nozzle Nectar does not build up or drop into the weld zone. On robots, Nozzle Honey can replace expensive gun head cleaning stations, and all the parts on the arc end of MIG guns will last noticeably longer–as much as three to four times! We are so sure you will love this product it comes with an EMPTY JAR GUARANTEE.  If you are not completely satisfied, simply return the empty jar for a full refund (see website for details). 1lb plastic jar

Directions for use:

Unlike other nozzle dips, Nozzle Nectar can be used before the gun head is heated from welding, allowing your gun nozzle area to repel spatter from the start.  Nozzle Nectar will not clog diffuser orifices even when dipped cold.  Dip as needed during the weld process.  Heavier welding requires dipping more frequently.  Nozzle Nectar is safe, with no odors, fumes, or toxic compounds.  Use manually or on automated welding stations and robots.

SDS – Nozzle Nectar


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